QuickBooks Online Diagnostic Review for the Social Media Professional

✅ Get Clarity on Your Business’ Finances

✅ Gain Confidence


Process & What’s Included:

QBO Review

Review of:
– Financial Statements
– Reconciliation History
– Account Overview
– Chart of Accounts
– Product & Services
– Mapping
– Other Areas as Needed

Report of Findings

After the review is complete, we will provide a Report of Findings document that outlines all findings, and provide recommendations on how to correct or improve specific areas.

30 Minute Consultation Call

A 30 minute consultation call at the end of service is to go over what was found and address any questions you may have. This will also be the time we recommend how to proceed and provide a custom proposal for a Clean Up and Continuing Services.

This Is For You If:

analysis, analytics, business-1841158.jpg

Your reporting has wonky numbers that don’t make sense.

scale, question, importance-2635397.jpg

If you’re unable to reconcile your accounts, and you can’t figure out why.

anxiety, fear, stress-2019928.jpg

If you are stressed and feeling anxious over accuracy, it’s time for professional help.

What Happens AFTER a Diagnostic Review:

There are three possible next steps depending on your budget:

DIY Clean Up

At the end of the diagnostic review, you will receive a Report of Findings that you can use and perform a Do-It-Yourself Clean Up in order to correct any issues that were found.


One Time Clean Up

If you have no desire to do the clean up yourself and want a professional to clean it up for you, but not sure if you can afford ongoing services, this is the option for you.

Priced at Monthly Bookkeeping Rate x 1.5 x Amount of Months

Clean Up with Ongoing Services

If you have no desire to clean up your books yourself and want a professional to maintain your books going forward – we have a unique offer for you!

Since we have already reviewed your books, we will credit the $300 to your clean up rate.

Meaning, we will charge the same price as the one time clean up but subtract out the $300 already paid!

There are two types of ongoing services: monthly and quarterly bookkeeping.

About Us:

At Tillena Sigler’s Bookkeeping, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and building lasting partnerships with our clients. Our approach to bookkeeping goes beyond transactional tasks; it’s about fostering a supportive relationship that fuels your business growth and success.

We specialize in helping social media professional businesses to refocus on their passions and clients by expertly managing their bookkeeping. With a passion for precision and a dedication to your financial success, we are your trusted partner for all things bookkeeping.

Why Choose Us


We want our clients to feel comfortable working with us, that includes our clients knowing and trusting our thoughts, intentions, and actions are in their best interest.


We want to be our clients guide through your bookkeeping and accounting world. Our mission is to not only be friendly and approachable, but we want our clients to feel at peace with their finances and have confidence.


We have an open and honest communication style with our clients which includes having those difficult bestie heart-to-heart type conversations around areas that may need to be addressed, improved, or even changed.